From Russia, With Ice Cream

The Russia that I know from childhood is not the same one we see in the news today. I fondly remember growing up in a lively St. Petersburg, full of vibrant culture, friendly people and the best ice cream in the world.

After moving to LA, it was impossible to find true Russian ice cream. What began as a small obsession of mine to revive the taste that remained in my mind and heart continued to grow until I decided to make it my mission to bring Russian-inspired ice cream to an American audience. Following traditional Russian techniques and quality standards passed down over generations, I brought my memories back to life. I called it Moloko (Молоко) - Russian for milk, ice cream's essential ingredient.

As we grow, we are guided by the belief that quality is as important as taste when it comes to what we put in our bodies. That’s why all of our Russian-heritage-inspired flavors are always made from high-quality ingredients and lovingly crafted for taste, texture and tradition.

- Jonathan Miskevich, Founder

(Pictured to the left: Me and my dad while visiting Moscow)